The Two-Way Case For Bitcoin

Bitcoin has no idea of a political divide, because there are benefits that can be gained from both progressives and libertarians.
As the U.S. Senate nears the finish line of the upcoming infrastructure deal, Coindesk said Congress is considering legislation with an increasingly hostile attitude toward the burgeoning digital asset industry. These policy changes should be scrutinised rather than rushed, as they can lead to unforeseen consequences.
Physical infrastructure does not have to compete with emerging digital financial infrastructure. As in the early days of the internet, Bitcoin represents a digital infrastructure that could open economic opportunities to progressives and libertarians.
Currently, about 1 in 6 Americans own cryptocurrencies, and about 80% of millennial consumers are interested in learning about cryptocurrencies to better understand them. You don’t want to demonize this voting block as “shadow Super programmers.” It would be helpful for political leaders to remind them that Bitcoin is a liberating technology that retains appeal across the entire political spectrum. Here’s a brief reminder of bitcoin’s bipartisan appeal:
Why progressive people love Bitcoin : – financial accessibility: Bitcoin can finance impairment-build a more inclusive financial service infrastructure where everyone can store and send money without discrimination. More than 14 million Americans don’t have banks, and even in 2021, nearly 50 million Americans are below Banks, and those numbers disproportionately affect black and Hispanic households. Instead of allowing these households to be served by predatory loan sharks, it would be a good idea for progressives to use technology that gives financial services access as easily as internet access.
– Promote greener Yesil energy: Bitcoin’s stimulating design encourages cheaper energy production. Climate change advocates want to understand how this project could accelerate the global transition to renewable energy

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