The South African NFT market was officially launched after the pilot phase surpassed $ 10,000 for rugby star Bryan Habana

Momint, South Africa's non-volatile token (NFT) market, was officially launched after the end of a two-week trial by former rugby player Bryan Habana who raised more than $ 10,000. More than 800 people from 25 countries attended the auction. Developed as a social media application similar to Instagram, Momint Marketplace is backed by investor Rob Hersov and has "pre-start financing that will value the company more than $ 2 million." Momint combines an NFT marketplace with the functionality of a social media platform, according to a report. Momint says that besides accepting cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH, buyers can use fiat currency. Joshua Minsk, the market's co-founder and COO, said in post-launch comments that NFTs offer creators a way to sell their work and maintain themselves without contaminating their work with sponsors' shouts or advertisements. In addition to Habana, the platform will initially be based on the participation of other South African celebrities such as cricket player Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, musicians Goldfish and The Kiffness. Filmmaker Dan Mace also joins the list of South African celebrities who will use the market in the first place. In his comments to applaud the launch, Mace explained that this platform "will not only allow everyone to have fun, but also to have art in a digital space around the world." Mace confirmed his intention to sell, saying, "I'll sell my project and the timelines of the movies I've made." What do you think of this launch of the NFT market? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Blockchain, Adopt Cryptocurrencies, Bryan Habana, BTC, ETH, Fiat Coins, Momint, NFT Marketplace, Social NetworksMore

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