The smartest investors in the room support the internet computer: will developers do the same?

With its ambitious goal of reinventing the Internet more openly and strong support from blue chip investors, DFINITY's internet computer perhaps embraces the aspirations of Web 3.0 more than any other project in the field. However, with its big projects and big names, the need for research is increasing. Where are the meat and potatoes behind the important thrust and narrative structure? Who will use this protocol and trust it? Dominic Williams, founder of DFINITY Foundation, joined Decrypt's Adriana Hamacher to discuss the continuation of his latest OG crypto project. CoinDesk's Consensus Conference officially kicks off today. Events & Content Managing Director Aaron Stanley joins "First Mover" to discuss violent guest speakers throughout the week. Ray Dalio, Gary Vaynerchuk and Michael Saylor will share their views on the future of cryptocurrency. CoinDesk also launched $ DESK, a token that can be earned during the conference and used for rewards, and "First Mover" got a first look. Rumi Morales of Outlier Ventures provides market analysis.

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