The Orion protocol provides a single destination for accessing the Orion pool, Dex, CEX, and Swap pools

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to thrive, the blockchain ecosystem is full of centralized and decentralized exchanges. The increase in the number of exchanges has led to another critical problem for the average user to have multiple wallets on exchanges with trading strategies to manage Sundays and orders. This process is not only tedious, it also leads to missed opportunities.

Central exchanges (CEX) are the most common model for cryptocurrency trading, mostly because they are a traditional brokerage platform and operate very similar to the stock market. These platforms deliver speed and efficiency by trading on a single instance. 

However, dependence on a single subject has its drawbacks. For example, often a lack of CEX transparency can help banned practices such as washing trading thrive when they are uncontrolled, ultimately hurting traders. In addition, data on Central exchanges is transmitted through central security processes, making them more prone to hacker attacks.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX), on the other hand, have become more popular, mostly due to the advent of Defi practices. While dEXes addresses core CEX issues such as third-party engagement, lack of data security, anonymity and transparency, using dEXes can be challenging for people unfamiliar with the Defi ecosystem. Furthermore, most decentralized exchanges are still in development, meaning they have limited functions and their own exploitable drawbacks.

Orion Protocol has launched Orion pool, an automated market makers (AMM) solution that allows traders to access DeX, CEX and swap pools from a single interface to solve these problems. In this way, Orion terminal strengthens itself as the only trading platform offering traders a single portal for trading, exchange, betting and voting for management. 

As usual, Orion sends all foreign exchange orders to Li

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