The most profitable signal in Bitcoin is back and about to be triggered

Bitcoin's price still dropped 40% from recent highs, leaving investors to face the fact that the bull run could be over. And while this fear and the sales associated with it certainly blow up even the strongest hands, those who are still standing can eventually reap huge profits. This is because business is down tremendously for crypto right now, while the most profitable buy signal in Bitcoin's history is about to be triggered. Here's a look at what this means and why it is the strongest of the latest signal in any bull market. Bitcoin Hash Ribbons Show my surrender, signal to buy The first cryptocurrency has gone through its most profitable year ever, tripling in value in the first three months of the year. However, after a shocking rise, the market recovered, causing chaos among newcomers to the variable asset class. Related reading | Why is the Chinese FUD rising for Bitcoin? During the days of the local peak, more than 50% of the bitcoin price went beyond the bitcoin price – sufficiently disadvantage to ask if the bull market itself was its peak. A few indicators say it that way, but the masses deny the possibility of this happening – 100,000 BTC or a drop. No matter how stubborn they may be, those with so-called diamond hands can gain an equivalent weight gain from precious jewelry. Hash stripes about to trigger a buy signal | Source: What BTCUSD Means For The Most Profitable Signal Bull Run In Crypto On The chart above shows the "hash lanes" created by core crypto expert Charles Edwards, who is now indicating that BTC miners have surrendered. During the sales, miners are forced to sell coins to finance operations. Theoretically, Edwards' tool tells you when this will happen. There is also a very fortunate side effect of being the most profitable buy signal in crypto history. Latest signal from any bull market is strongest | Source: Past purchases of BTCUSD on were the last

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