The legendary Pelé NFT airs on May 8 at Ethernity

May 8, 2021 – Los Angeles, California Iconic Brazilian footballer Pele will be immortalized as NFT on May 8. Non-exchangeable coin – on Ethernity channel at noon on EST only. The highly acclaimed collection includes several soccer star aNFT, the result of a collaboration between Visual Lab and Rafa Zabala, including The Hobbit and Planet of the Apes. The digital presentation features "THE KING OF FOOTBALL", a gripping video that shows the actor's humble origins in the streets of Brazil in a crowded stadium testifying to his genius. Incidentally, the eponymous "Pelé" aNFT is represented by a hyper-realistic bronze digital bust of the star on its head. As part of the Pelé aNFT collection, Ethernity will release multi-pack collectible cards that nod to the player's past Panini collectible cards. Among Ethernity's exclusive digital collectible cards is "Gilded Bike Pelé", where the player performs his signature bike strike. The limited edition cards are part of the Ethernity Cards and Packs collection, which will be released this summer in 2021. Ninety percent of ANFT's sales go to the Pelé Foundation, a charity that works to support young people facing poverty around the world. Ethernity's last Mohammed Ali aNFT auction, which raised over $ 550,000, also resulted in a large donation to the Muhammad Ali Foundation. About Ethernity Ethernity examines unalterable token (NFT) claims in the context of art and philanthropy. It allows celebrities and public figures to approve digital artwork of famous artists. Anyone can buy any limited edition artwork and part of the income can go to charities that support celebrities. Ethernity was founded by an early Bitcoin investor and NFT innovation

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