The inevitable growth of the NFT has just begun

This year, NFT received significant press and attention, surpassing Defi as the hottest Trend in crypto. However, given the explosive level of growth in the sector, NFS has naturally provoked scepticism from both crypto and outside. When a digital artwork sells for $ 69 million through Christie’s, it’s easy to see why mainstream publications are calling the market “crazy.” As for the purely speculative side of the Sunday, perhaps they are right.

Perhaps most criticism of the tokens that cannot be changed, however, comes from people whose minds are infused with an old-fashioned paradigm of centralization and its failure to understand real digital ownership. If you start thinking about decentralization and how decentralized technology works, the NFT will make much more sense.

Decentralization is about ways to get to what intermediaries have done before — bitcoin, smart contracts, everything from Defi shows that. With decentralization, NFTS make possible what was once only possible through centralization, and thus the emergence of NFT, like all technological innovations before it, becomes easier to predict later.

Why Art?
His art and collectivity are the original NFS MVP. The two appeared almost in tandem and merged in such a way that it would be difficult to separate them. NFT’s exciting headline aspects often relate to artworks ranging from Christie’s auction to the rise of crypto banks. For example, demand for nft art, such as private galleries it has emerged to serve this growing Sunday for manufacturers, buyers, sellers and traders.

Aside from the Hype cycle, there are good reasons for the art to blend with NFT technology. One particular use that could bear fruit to the art world is the use of Origins that confirm the origin and originality of art. In the physical art world, by some estimates, more than 50% of the artwork in circulation is fake. NFS can show its own evidence

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