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As you read in our last article, we care about security. As the first operating system of the blockchain, we must constantly prioritize the security of our code. That’s why we’ve partnered with Immunefi, Defi’s leading bug-dec platform.

What exactly is the reward for mistakes?
The reward for errors is a financial incentive for independent error hunters who detect vulnerabilities in the system and vulnerabilities in the system. Immunefi, through its Cartesi, gives $500,000 as a bugf october reward to ensure that our code is reliable for all users – additional rewards are also available in the program. If bounty hunters report valid errors, we will compensate them. In this way, we can detect flaws in the security system before bad players do it.

Bug bounty hunters are so-called ethical hackers who, if they successfully detect and report a security vulnerability or problem on their Cards, may be entitled to a reward for errors. Immunefi is a bug bounty program that improves system security over time using a community of hackers. Immunefi has the largest rewards for errors on any platform. Since the beginning of this year, they have already paid a premium of +2, 000, 000 $.

What happens if an error is found?
The disclosure report is filled out by hackers when they detect a flaw and describes how it affects the software and the severity of the problem. Through Immunefi, the bug bounty hunter provides our developers with step-by-step instructions for reproducing and verifying the problem. This is the most important step in this process. After the bug is discovered by our developers, the hacker is offered a monetary reward. In general, payments range from several thousand dollars to millions of dollars, depending on the severity of the problem.

Our developers will give priority to newly received error messages and will begin to fix them as soon as possible. The error is rechecked by the developers to make sure it is fixed. Prizes for DEFI projects with smart contracts are distributed according to the Immunefi classification system, which allows us to

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