• The first new foldable phone of 2021 is stunning, but there’s one big problem

    Huawei just unveiled the Mate X2 foldable ahead of MWC 2021 Shanghai.
    The new foldable has a design similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, with a flexible OLED screen on the inside.
    The phone offers several tech innovations unseen on other foldables, but the Mate X2 is quite expensive, starting at over $2,700.
    There’s also another big problem: Like other Huawei flagships, the Mate X2 doesn’t support Google apps.
    Huawei launched a new foldable handset for the third consecutive year, but the Mate X2 marks a stark departure from Huawei’s initial approach to foldables. The Mate X2 folds inwards, just like the Galaxy Fold and Z Fold 2. A secondary screen sits on the outside, and it’s quite generous, extending from edge to edge like what you’d expect from a regular smartphone. Also admirable is the fact that the main flexible display has no compromises. There’s no notch or hole-punch camera, as all the camera modules are placed on the outside of the handset.

    Like the previous two Mate X foldables, the Mate X2 has a very hefty price tag — but it won’t necessarily be the phone’s cost that will stop you from buying one. The Mate X2 has the same problem that affects all Huawei Android handsets in western markets. The phone comes without the Play store or Google apps, as Huawei is still banned from doing business with US tech companies.

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