The end of the European football championship is the rise for kriptorynka, here’s how

The European Cup final culminated in a thrilling final last night when Italy beat England on penalties to take the cup home. The end of a major football tournament could be bullish for kriptorynka, who has been relatively cold for more than two months. Experts believed that at the beginning of the European Cup there was a huge money leak from the cryptocurrency for betting on football, and that it could return to cryptorynok as the money ran out.

Kriptorynok has been Dec muted since the second week of selling in May, and has not recovered since, despite occasional breaks. Liquidity in the market has dried up and volatility has increased. The Eurocup has also made itself felt, and with the serious amount of money football fans use to bet on their favourite teams and the tournament over, experts are expecting a new wave of crypto investment.

How does the flow of money on cryptorynke change the mood of tokens?
October Sunday’s additional influx of money leads to an upward trend as more people invest in digital assets, the market is growing. A similar phenomenon has been observed during government incentive checks, where people invest their incentive money in protection against inflation, such as bitcoin and even the stock market. Sunday Sunday, when the government announces stimulus packages, both the traditional market and crypto markets see a new revenue stream that turns market sentiment Yesil.

Kriptorynka’s total capitalization has fallen to below $ 2.5 trillion from a record low of $ 1.5 trillion just a few months ago. Most cryptocurrencies operate 50% below their record levels. Bear sentiment is currently dominating the market and as traders start to lose hope of seeing an upward trend, the flow of money from football betting could help the Bulls return to the Sunday for the second stage of this bullish race.

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