The Dogecoin community has been baffled by claims that the Cuban has only $ 500 in dog & # 39;

Billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has stunned crypto Twitter by saying he only owns a $ 500 Dogecoin.

The Blues have what we sell in the store. I personally own a $ 494 Doge

– Mark Cuban (@mcuban) August 15, 2021

Cuba is a major supporter and strong advocate of the controversial meme token. A lot of people think it’s a rolled fish.

But dog’s personal assets, best known for accepting dog as payment for Mavs tickets and merchandise, account for only a small fraction of his total net worth, regardless of Dogecoin’s “support.” It is currently worth $ 4.4 billion, according to Forbes.

Cuban claims he’s not a whale dog
The surprising revelation came during a Twitter thread in which Cuba discussed the feasibility of investing in Dogecoin.

In response to the remarks of actor Joel Heyman, best known for his role in the science fiction series Red vs. Blue, Cuba said the investment in the DOJA made you part of a fun community. He also took the opportunity to press Bitcoin Maxis in the same tweet.

“Joel. this applies to everything. Supply and demand are invincible. But with DOGE, you can spend $ 1 for 333 dogs and have fun as part of a fun community. Test BTC Maxis and do the same. They’re just having fun in a different way. They like to yell at people.”

At a Doge price of about $ 0.33, the Cuban made a typo by lowering the decimal point at “333 Doge,” presumably intended to write 3.33.

Twitter user handle @ Sacamonnai plunged into Cuba asking if there were more BTC or DOGE. Cuba then dropped an unexpected bomb, saying he personally had less than $ 500 in Dogecoin.

Community Reacts
The community’s response to this revelation spans the entire spectrum of emotion. But overall, there is a general sense of shock in this statement.

One user pointed to the paradox of Dogecoin advancing its story by having almost zero exposure. This, he added, is even more incredible

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