Thaise partner sleep Bithumb Hong Kong dohterondernemingen naar Civil Procedure

Reports indicate that Bithumb affiliates in Hong Kong are facing civil action as a result of breach of contract. According to the report, the Thai firm reported that its Hong Kong-based Bithumb subsidiaries had ceased operations in Thailand. The termination caused serious damage to the Thai company’s business.

The Korea Times reported Tuesday that a former Bithumb partner in Thailand has been charged. The Thai company blamed the stock market for large losses due to the unilateral termination of its operations.

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The unnamed Thai firm plans to file a lawsuit against its Bithumb subsidiaries in Hong Kong in July. Its subsidiaries include GBEX, Bithumb Global holdings, and senior executives of the company.Dec.

The company claimed that kryptobirzhi’s affiliates participated in the company’s plan to open kryptobirzhi in Thailand. The company also confirmed that executives from these top subsidiaries are based in Bitumba, Korea.

When the Digital Asset Exchange established a company in Thailand in 2018, the exchange later abandoned its plan. The sudden withdrawal caused great damage to his Thai partner.

According to the plaintiff, Bithumb initially had no intention of creating a crypto exchange in Thailand. The company also claimed that Bithumb wanted to sell bxa coins and reassessed the extent of its worldwide presence.

The former Thai partner admitted that when the cryptocurrency exchange halted the sale of bxa coins, he found his activities in Thailand insignificant. This caused Bithumb to unilaterally halt its activities in Thailand, causing damage to the partner.

Gbex and Bithumb Global Holdings own a 49% stake in the joint venture in Thailand, a company spokesman said. The two companies are also subsidiaries of Bithumb Korea.

Causes Of The Bithumb Case
Plaintiff cited reason for filing case a

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