Tesla Q2-2021 profit call to shed light on bitcoin holdings

Sunday Monday’s announcement will be announced after Tesla’s market close 2. the quarterly 2021 earnings report will shed light on what happened to the company’s bitcoin holdings. 1 company, according to CEO Elon Musk. it held over $ 1.5 billion in bitcoins in the quarter and reported only one sale to” test market liquidity.” The Cryptocurrency community is patiently waiting for the revelations from Tesla’s upcoming profit report.

Tesla profit call raises expectations in bitcoin community
A profit call from leading electric car maker Tesla has raised expectations in the bitcoin community because of the large bitcoin stock (BTC) the company keeps on its balance sheet. Tesla CEO Elon musk jumped into the bitcoin group last quarter when he announced the acquisition of Tesla for $ 1.5 billion earlier this year. The current status of this bitcoin cache is unknown and will be announced on Monday if the company sells, keeps or buys a drop in the second quarter.

Tesla has only one public sale of its bitcoin assets. the company reportedly sold $ 272 million worth of bitcoins in the latest quarter to test Sunday’s liquidity. At the time, the news caused a temporary price drop. But musk noted that it was just a test to make sure the Sunday market could manage such sales.

Musk later changed his mind about the bitcoin network and its impact on the environment, decrying a split between the entrepreneur and the crypto community.

Tesla yesils Green Story
Tesla stopped supporting bitcoin for electric vehicle payments due to environmental concerns announced last May, the fact that the company has begun to advise on a more efficient and environmentally friendly cryptocurrency for payments. At the time, musk also expressed his personal preference for dogecoin (DOGE) and explained the changes the dogecoin network must make

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