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Jasmine Telecom Systems has unveiled ambitious plans for bitcoin mining to become the largest BTC miner in Southeast Asia.
A subsidiary of Jasmine International (JAS), registered on the Thailand Stock Exchange (SET), called Jasmine Telecom Systems (JTS), has announced ambitious plans for bitcoin mining. JTS plans to become the largest bitcoin miner from the ten countries that are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
The Thai telecom operator will install 500 machines for bitcoin mining in the third quarter of this year. Next year, jts plans to expand its mining operations tenfold and install 5,000 more machines at industrial sites in Thailand in collaboration with the jastrel network.
Jts president of Dusit Srisangaoran, about the timing of the expansion of the rise of Integrated Telecommunications and IT services said:”now, considering the widespread distribution and event JTS in China, is the right time to invest in bitcoin mining, and this heshreyt dropped to its lowest level in eight months.”
Based on these comments, Mr Srisangaoran makes it clear that he has been planning to mine bitcoin for some time, addressing what many miners see as an appropriate time, just after China was banned and after a significant decline in heshreyt.
JTS plans to bring 50,000 machines online and is increasing its work by 100 times for the next bitcoin outage. This, even by the standards of the next halving, would result in an impressive percentage of global mining power, making JTS the largest bitcoin mining operation in Southeast Asia, with 5 exahasham forces in the network. On this scale, JTS can generate about 16,000 bitcoins per year.

Bitcoin mining will form the basis of JTS “strategy of developing”new service companies that will help achieve stable revenue and sustained growth.”

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