Taproot Activation Brings Big Upgrades to Bitcoin

Taproot brings new optimizations for security and usability of Bitcoin network as activation is locked. When this is released, Taproot will be locked from activation. This means that in block 709,632 (mid-November 2021), new rules defined by a series of Bitcoin improvement proposals (BIPs) will be activated and implemented. This is a huge achievement for Bitcoin and will enable so many wonderful new things not just for Bitcoin but for everything else built on it. It was previously discussed whether Bitcoin could reach consensus on another soft fork after the drama behind the 2017 SegWit upgrade. This previous soft fork spawned multiple camps that were hard forked from the original Bitcoin chain and created new altcoins. created. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin community is left with deep war wounds after months of debates and fights over what resulted in a user-activated soft fork (UASF). Almost four years have passed since SegWit was activated, and people are skeptical that the Bitcoin community will be able to overcome these battle scars for the next Bitcoin upgrade. However, we made it! Discussing pull requests (PRs), Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels, and Twitter has been a long process, but it's finally over. As an upgrade, Taproot has hardly had a comeback; In general, every core developer agreed with the proposed consensus changes in BIP340, BIP341 and BIP342. These BIPs suggest changes that add privacy and optimization and enable new features in the future without any new security assumptions. Taproot itself is a no-brainer upgrade to the Bitcoin protocol. The discussion started when discussions about enabling Taproot began. The discussion started with BIP8, which was created in response to what happened with SegWit. It made two changes to BIP9, the activation method used for SegWit. The first change was to define activation start and end times based on block height instead of real time. It

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