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PRESS RELEASE. BitMart mentioned $ Leos, a vehicle icon that feeds the Leonicorn exchange platform. The $ LEOS token, based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSc) ecosystem, is also available on the decentralized pancakeswap exchange.

$ LEOS is leonicorn swap’s own token, a decentralized exchange (DeX) created to solve problems in the modern centralized and decentralized exchange ecosystem that provides a complete set of decentralized financing (Defi) products on a single platform.

In essence, in the solution of the most common problems encountered in the sector of свопами Leonicorn currency; certificat issues, including security, high transaction costs, low limits, withdrawal, and other deficiencies, such as centralized management, the list of promising projects and incorrect operators share криптовалютных high requirements management.

Leonicorn to Swap eliminates the shortcomings of the most commonly used DeX launched on the ethereum blockchain, which is often known for its limited scalability, high gas costs and low transaction levels, and is a critical factor for the slow growth of the Defi ecosystem. All this is achieved through smart contracts, performing public security audits from well-known blockchain security companies such as Certik, while ensuring security for the user

Leonicorn, universal Defi solution

Whilst Leonicorn an automated market maker (AMM) for sharing a valuable suggestion, and that is the exact cryptogeld exact user needs and solutions, the most tech-savvy enthusiasts focused on developing novice криптонавтов, industry and research.

Based on user experience, the leonicorn Swap project offers full ownership of assets and provides a convenient and secure solution that anyone can use regardless of their experience and knowledge. Built on the Binance smart chain, Leonicorn also provides access to retail users

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