Taboo to launch first NFT collections for supermodels

Non-replaceable tokens (NFT) have developed the most attractive appeal to exit the crypto market this bullish season. It grew out of a cheerleading badge for popular sporting events and is today the most sought-after commodity every industry wants to launch. It all started when digital artist Beeple sold his work for $ 69 million, and since then every well-known brand, celebrity and athlete has either already launched an NFT form or wants to do it. Some of the major brands to indulge in at NFS are Dolce Gabbana, Coca-cola, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Nike. As well as brands, popular celebrities including Mike Tyson, Paris Hilton, Aston Kutcher and others also participated in nft mania.

As NFT’s popularity and use cases increase, the fashion industry and mature industry may be the next big Arena where NFT can shine. As a background, it can be noted that the total money spent on investing, buying and building the NFT is more than $ 14.3 billion. December Sunday’s current nft adult entertainment market is estimated to be about $ 500 million, with record highs earlier this year hovering in the $ 2 billion range. Sunday Sunday: this is a completely unaffected market segment, covering 3.5% of the entire NFT market.

Tabu, a popular streaming media project for NFT + adults, is ready to spearhead this project and fill that void by bringing NFT into the glamorous world. It specializes in exclusive content with strictly non-porn star models and provides other media formats such as streaming, video, VR, 3D animation and more. Taboo wants to be a Blockchain Playboy.

Taboo sells fantasy aimed at Playboys, fashion and all other types of models. Despite being in the adult entertainment field, they do not offer XXX as their flagship and main product. They will represent fashion, culture, class and gender in all their wonderful forms.

The adult entertainment industry is as popular and large as other Sundays, but often loses its luster

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