Taboo: a new deflation token with the support of the NFT platform

Tabu, a community-led project, is launching a deflationary token with its own NFT market. It has a built-in static rewards program where holders passively win with a 5% tax share among token holders. TABOO is an entertainment and media-based blockchain technology project that uses NFTs to create an exciting future. The community-focused blockchain technology project is using NFTs to create an enthusiastic and above all happy long-term owner. It is a deflationary token that brings exclusive, never-before-seen, uncensored global NFT adult content exclusively for community members. The company is currently in talks with CoinMarketCap for listing while the jettison program is live. The project will also build its own NFT marketplace based on adult entertainment, without the involvement of a third party. TABOO understands that the foundation of a successful currency must be MARKETING! The project was therefore developed to arouse public interest. This bullish season has led to several crypto phenomena, most notably the craze for community tokens and non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs). Taboo brings the best of both worlds with its deflationary coin as well as an NFT platform that gives everyone a chance. As a community driven project, these are not only truly decentralized, but can lead to many new use scenarios such as community, a form of payment to earn passive rewards, or use on strike. Similarly, NFTs are not a new phenomenon and have been in space for more than 2 years. Until now, the use case has been limited to use as a fan token for various sports clubs and in-game video game memorabilia. However, this season of the bulls has exploded and has become the favorite of many artists and celebrities. The general public who auctioned rare artworks and souvenirs for millions of dollars. Taboo aims to reshape the adult entertainment industry with its token and NFT auction platform. That's why

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