T. K. O. 2021 Summit: opening the key to the future of cryptocurrency in Asia

Following the success of worldwide blockchain events such as Indonesia Blockchain Week in 2020 and The Bachelor conference in 2021, Tokocrypto has a virtual-T. with more than 36,000 participants from 11 countries K. O. The conference will be held on July 24, 2021, until 2021.

Tokocrypto CEO Pang Xue Kai said:,

“A large delegation welcoming the Total crypto summit shows enthusiasm for crypto in Asia. Excitement remains high and getting involved is crucial so we can start shaping the regional crypto industry.”

Road lighting for Kriptorynka Asia
T. K. O. The 2021 Summit brought together a diverse group of experts decrying their views and providing global expertise in a regional context. Speakers from the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and other parts of the world were present to share their knowledge.

Sundays October-Dec.speakers include CZ, CEO and Dec. Co-Founder of Binance, in addition to other big names in the Asian market, such as CEO and co-founder Pang Xue Kai (Kai), Hui Nguyen (CTO of kardiachain) and nickel GABA, CEO of PDAX), among others.

Gamers and industry enthusiasts have become familiar with leading crypto organizations and how they work.

The stars of the show, CHZ and Kai, take a deep look at the crypto world during their discussion during the opening ceremony. Moments of carefully preserved nature were the following.

The role and provision of crypto formation can benefit market participants in terms of customer retention
Binance and Tokocrypto mantras for full compliance when it comes to crypto Editing
The need for Defi platform operators to implement adequate fund monitoring mechanisms to reduce the risks of financial losses due to fraud and exit fraud such as carpet pulling
The importance of NFT platforms properly maintaining the foundations of projects running on their platforms to ensure long-term space sustainability
Bull and Bea normality

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