Symbol of the crypto age: meet tokenized gems

Jewelry has always been seen as a symbol of power, even in modern times. People have been displaying different kinds of jewelry in the form of necklaces made of stone and bone since the Stone Age. Over the years, the meaning of jewelry has changed as people find rare and special materials such as gold, diamonds or emeralds. In modern times, jewelry has a completely different meaning and varies from place to place. However, very few materials are of global importance and are used all over the world, for example: Gold Silver Platinum Diamond Emerald Pearls All these materials have a special significance and are used for a wide variety of purposes. However, as tokenization has become increasingly popular in the crypto-affected world, it was only a matter of time before these materials became a part of the crypto world. Tokenization helps add value to already invaluable items and increase their use. A few platforms have taken the tokenization approach to the next level using NFTs, and they're available for music, pictures, collectibles, socks (UniSocks), diamonds, gold, etc. added value to real-world elements such as WANTED is one such platform that offers an excellent collection. Bitcoin inspired gold rings called Diamond Hands. Desirable Diamond Hands Diamond Hands is an attractive term on its own because it means "stubborn stockholder." Diamond Hands refers to someone who has the decisive goal of holding stocks or assets to achieve an ultimate goal despite market fluctuations. DESIRED's Diamond Hands collection embodies the Burch and Sarayev ideals of luxury, elegance, quality and crypto, which are reflected in their designs. As the world moves towards tokenization, Diamond Hands adds a unique element to the mix. Starting with Bitcoin-inspired rings, Desired plans to expand their catalog to include Bitcoin-inspired necklaces and watches. Desired is a premium jewelry brand focused on creating fine jewelry for the public. found

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