Survey: 9% of American teens are trading crypto

According to a new survey by investment bank Piper Sandler, 9% of American teens say they are trading cryptocurrencies. The 41st version of the "Buying Stocks with Teens" survey conducted by Piper Sandler every two years said that about 630 of the respondents are trading cryptocurrencies. 81% of those who said they were trading crypto money were men. However, the survey did not provide additional information about the traded cryptocurrencies as to whether respondents hold cryptocurrencies or whether they are actively buying and selling them on a regular basis. The findings raise the question of whether young people can access volatile cryptocurrencies and what are the obligations of crypto exchanges in this regard. Should Teens Invest in Cryptocurrencies? Kraken's European Managing Director Curtis Ting told Decrypt that the crypto exchange "takes its role as a facilitator of a secure cryptocurrency market very seriously," adding that all customers, wherever they are, must be at least 18 years old or older. . . are available. Squatting is not the only one in this matter; Most crypto exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and Gemini, require users to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for an account. But teens still have access to crypto – at least in theory. "I think it is very likely that these teenagers received their first crypto exposures as a gift from their parents," Ingo Fiedler, co-founder of the Blockchain Research Lab, told Decrypt. He added that other reasons could include "airdrops, crypto work, referral fees, bug bounty programs, or other sources of crypto revenue." Could Bitcoin Ever Go To Zero? In theory, regardless of the path these teens take for crypto, it is possible for anyone to have access to crypto assets, despite age restrictions. "By design, decentralized cryptocurrencies are easily accessible to anyone on the Internet," Nishant Sharma, founder of BlocksBridge, told Decrypt. He added: 'Mo Read more

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