Sunday Sunday: NFT gaming market creates strong competition in Defi market

The summer of 2020 has become popular as the summer of Defi for the crypto community with a sharp increase in decentralized funding tokens (Defi). Now, the 2021 summer will be popular as the NFT gaming Sunday.

Sunday Sunday’s NFT games market is currently struggling with the Defi market to get all the attention. As noted by popular analyst Lark Davis:

“9 of CoinGecko’s 15 most popular coins are currently game coins! Last year, we had a summer of defi, and in 2021, the summer of play is here!”

Sundays Sunday: let’s look at a few comparisons of how these two markets – Defi and NFT gaming-compete against each other for a larger market share.

NFT Gaming vs. Defi

Sunday Sunday’s decentralized financing (Defi) market is estimated at more than $ 50.1 billion, 8 times the NFT gaming market, at 6.2 billion pins. Sunday Sunday, however, the NFT gaming market is growing 8 times faster than the current recent market rate.
At the same time, the trading volume of NFT game tokens is also significantly higher. The daily trading volume of game tokens currently exceeds 40% Defi. Moreover, last week’s trading volume exceeded 70 times Defi’s trading volume.

Network data provider centiment reports a higher social dominance in the NFT gaming Sunday at the moment. He took note:

“DeFi”mentions the summit last summer in” DeFi summer”. It has grown over the past few months, but not yet on average. Calls for” play ” have continued to increase rapidly since May 2014. The popularity of this upward trend is obvious.

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As such, he adds, the NFT gaming Sunday is now stronger than Defi. However, it may also be in overbought territory. But one thing is certain: the NFT gaming market is going a great way and will continue to expand with an increasing number of Sunday participants.

Sunday Sunday’s post-NFT games market creates strong competition in the Defi market, which first appeared in Coingape.

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