Sunday August 24, 2021

Bitcoin topped $ 50,000 for the first time since May this year, when PayPal announced it was buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the UK.

PayPal has been tracking the launch of crypto trading in the UK for some time, but today announced its intention to allow users in the UK to buy and sell crypto tokens this week. Users will be able to store four baskets of cryptocurrencies-bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash-but it is unclear whether the company will allow users to make payments on those crypto systems.

The price of BTC has risen rapidly since the end of July, a “roller coaster” for the cryptocurrency in 2021.

Thursday December BTC began trading in an average range of $ 46,000 and had fallen to $ 44,000 by Thursday. It has since made another jump at the end of the week, rising from $ 44,177 to $ 50,147 at the time of writing.

Ethereum had an equally turbulent week, dropping from just under $ 3,300 to under $ 3,000 in midweek. However, it has since grown and is now trading around $ 3,325, the highest level since late May this year.

Facebook ready to launch crypto wallet

The development of cryptography tracked on Facebook is likely to begin with the launch of the Novi Digital Wallet.

The social media platform has been advertising its transition to crypto for some time, but the project is going through several permutations and titles.

A stable coin, now called” Diem”, is still under construction. But David Marcus, president of the financial services company, said the company was ready to launch an Associated digital wallet called Novi.

Facebook initially launched a crypto project called Libra. From the beginning, it was touted as a stable currency project that would allow people to send money around the world without the need for third-party control.

However, the project suffered setbacks regarding privacy, regulation and design issues. Initially, the token was supposed to be supported by the fiat currency portfolio, but t

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