Sun, sand and NFT tickets: here are the DAO music festivals

On a sun-drenched platform, above sparkling water and outdoors, 5,000 music lovers will soon decipher at the Croatian Circus Maximus Music Festival. The beautiful surroundings of Zrce Beach on Pag Island have 360-degree views of the Adriatic Sea Beneath the soundtrack of electronic rhythms.

But this year, while the Festival remains a star player, it’s a party of honour—and Circus Maximus, organisers hope it will pave the way for a decentralised future,” bringing parties back into people’s hands ” and the widespread adoption of a new ticketing process to do so. 

Two new technologies are decentralized autonomous organizations (Daos) and non-changeable tokens (NFTS), where the core is a festival organization, which he says will be “party, rebirth” and hopes other festivals will follow.

DAO dance
Circus Maximus wants to be the world’s first DAO Music Festival. This means the rules for the organization will be set by DAO members and codified in smart contracts, which will also include the festival’s budget. The community, music fans, Festival venue, performers will vote to decide on budget allocation, future direction and more. 

“The idea is for DAO to help develop new solutions and provide support to underfunded and often underdeveloped festivals and events that the DAO community considers most valuable,” said Josipa Zijić, director of media for Festival organizers Noa Group.decipher via email.  

The titles of Circus Maximus 2021 are also Tweekaz, Regard, Brennan Hart, Imanbeck and Harris and Ford. Picture: The Great Circus
Daos can be organized around any common purpose or interest. Most focus on development or finance, such as venture capital funds, independent investors can pool their funds and vote on which projects to invest in. 

Circus Maximus explores what music is like

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