Substack Works With OpenNode To Integrate Bitcoin Payments Over Lightning Network

Substack, a digital publishing platform backed by Andreessen Horowitz, announced its partnership with leading bitcoin payment processor OpenNode to become the latest integration of the bitcoin API and begin offering bitcoin payments for the online publishing platform. According to a press release distributed by Substack, the collaboration is aimed at instant, low-cost payments to “a specific group of publications focused on crypto.” According to OpenNode, they will provide both in-network BTC and BTC payments and Lightning Network transactions. Substack says that for a selected number of publications that can be accessed through BTC payments, the same publications can keep their revenues in bitcoins.

“Our partnership will allow creators in the Substack ecosystem to accept bitcoin payments and maintain bitcoin revenues or convert them to their preferred currency. Writers and podcasters flocked to Substack to regain creative and financial freedom, and bitcoin was a natural decision, ” João Almeida, co-founder and CTO of OpenNode, shared.

Substack has grown into a Apr platform, reaching over 500,000 paid subscribers. The Platform has become popular with authors and thought leaders through the incentives it publishes in a user-friendly space. Founded in 2017, Substack is backed by the aforementioned venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Y Combinator and fifty years, among others, by leading investors.

“We are excited to work with OpenNode to allow independent publishers at Substack to accept crypto payments,” said Nick Insukki, product designer at Substack. “This option gives authors more flexibility and freedom, and we look forward to more in cryptography to meet the needs of authors,” he adds.

Secure and reliable, OpenNode’s payment processing and withdrawal services for business customers offer a wide range of solutions, from on-site payment buttons to integrated payment streams and plug-ins

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