StormGain takes the crypto mining playground to the next level by serving billions of smartphone users

The concept of cryptocurrency mining carries a somewhat negative connotation these days. Many people see this as a waste of electricity, as it requires specialized and expensive hardware. But what if this is no longer the case and everyone can mine cryptocurrencies with their smartphones? Equal Mining Opportunities for All with StormGain In the current crypto mining environment, an inequality is waiting to be resolved. Suppose someone does not have access to finance for upfront investments in cheap/renewable electricity or mining hardware. In this case, playing an important role in this industry will not be easy. This "crooked" nature of cryptocurrency mining is a problem that gets worse over time. It's time to offer a solution that makes crypto mining more accessible and attractive for billions of smartphone users. Cloud mining is quickly gaining ground in this industry segment. By leveraging the power of smartphones, not necessarily cloud mining as most people think. StormGain's solution makes it easy and accessible to engage in cryptocurrency mining. You don't have to worry about logistics, hardware, electricity or anything else. Instead, it's completely mobile-based, with the potential to empower billions of people. One hurdle to overcome is the cloud mining industry's lack of transparency and accuracy. As a result, many providers claim to offer high throughput but fail to meet expectations. StormGain allows users to directly mine crypto assets through its mobile-based cloud mining solution. By connecting to remote cloud servers, a risk-free and convenient mining solution is unrivaled by any other provider on the market today. It is possible to access StormGain's solution via a smartphone or desktop computer. The registration process is fast, easy and without unnecessary bells and whistles. With potential earnings of up to 0.0318 BTC per day – equivalent to $1,275 –

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