StoneX strengthens its presence in the treasury area with new appointments

Stefan Dannibale commented: Stefan Dannibale Source: As the LinkedIn Fixed Income division is trying to position itself as a leader in another market, I am happy to join this growing organization to lead a team of talented and experienced traders. I look forward to working closely with my team and members of the larger division to successfully strengthen StoneX's presence in the treasury markets. Among the new hires, Eric Drexler has been appointed director of treasury operations and Matt Rader as senior treasury negotiator. As a cash trader, Drexler has extensive experience in market creation, execution and macro investment strategies. It specializes in fundamental analysis and trading of government debt securities such as US Treasury Bills (cash and futures), Inflation Protected Treasury Bills and Power of Attorneys. Rader has over twenty years of trading experience in the bond markets. He started his career at JP Morgan as an executive director of private property business in US fixed income securities. Later, he joined TD Bank, where he worked as the General Manager of US Interest Trading. Prior to joining StoneX, Rader was senior portfolio manager for Nomura's core fixed income strategies. Fixed Income Division Co-Chair Anthony Di Ciollo said: We are delighted to strengthen our presence in the treasury business by adding more experienced members to the StoneX team. With Stefan, a veteran player with 25 years of experience trading with reserve banks and leading hedge funds such as Matt and Eric, leading team members, we will definitely strengthen our position in this area. as part of the continuing growth of our division. In early March, StoneX acquired a minority stake in diversity broker Tigress Financial Partners, investing in the only women and disabled investment firm in the United States. The company recently launched its Messaging Hub (XMH) service to automate and standardize payments and financial messaging in the United States. Read more

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