Stoner Cats NFT verkoop cost gebruikers $ 790,000 in mislukte Ethereum transacties

Despite the undoubted success, yesterday’s sale of stoner Cats-a series of animated short films sold in the form of unalterable tokens (NFT) – led to a loss of 344.4 ETH (US $ 790,000) due to failed transactions as well as a short blockage of the Ethereum network.

Developed by Mila Kunis, “Orchard Farm Productions” went on sale yesterday for a total of 10,420 stoner cats at a price of 0.35 ETH each ($785 at the time), with the entire stock sold for just”35 meows.”

We were sold for 35 Meow chickpeas!

If you have a badge, throw it here!

— Stoners cats (@stonercatstv), July 27, 2021

However, not every receiver was able to receive the NFT as the Ethereum network struggled with a sudden load. According to crypto-mapping platform dune Analytics, users lost about 344.6 ETH ($790,000) in fees paid for stoner Cats mints, which never materialized.

lmao someone paid 5.8 ETH (and consumed 20% gas block) for a failed TX attempt to squeeze 20 stoner cats

– Jimmy (@jimmyjames198), July 27, 2021

As well as failed transactions, stoner cats sales have also been a catalyst for an increase in ethereum gas charges, rising from 9.5 to $ 33 in network commissions.

Cats hidden as ever # Ethereum

– defiprim (@defiprime), July 27, 2021

Defi Prime, the decentralized financial analyst, gave a clear nod to CryptoKitties, another popular cat-themed NFT project that caused intense congestion at Ethereum in late 2017.

Meanwhile, the hype around Stoner Cats not too surprising, especially Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Jane Fonda, Seth Mcfarlane, Chris Rock, and even a founding partner of numerous celebrities, including Buter Ethereum voiced by Vitalik.

In particular, some of the happy buyers are already looking to profit from NFT investments in secondary markets. Buterin’s picture of the NFT character-Lord Catsington – is currently on sale at the NFT Ma

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