Stelt for $ 10 million reward versus extortion task force

The White House has a dedicated ransomware task force focused on combating cyberattacks and redoubling efforts to track cryptocurrency transactions associated with them, Bloomberg sources said today.

The issue was discussed during a virtual briefing with members of Congress yesterday, according to the report. As part of the planned effort, the new unit will analyze and monitor crypto transfers that affected companies and institutions send or will send to people who carried out the ransomware attacks.

Biden warns Putin Russia must take action against bitcoin ransomware after $ 70m attack
In particular, such attacks have proved very destructive and harmful, even for large international companies. One of the most controversial recent examples is the attack on Colonial Pipeline, a U.S. oil pipeline company that has led to fuel shortages in the Southeastern United States.

Eventually, the company reportedly paid “about $ 5 million” in “untraceable cryptocurrency”to a hacker group known as darkside.”However, Federal authorities eventually managed to return the sent bitcoins worth about $ 4.4 million.

In another case, JBS USA Holdings Inc., one of the world’s largest food producers paid $ 11 million in bitcoins to ransom attackers in mid-June. In response, the U.S. Department of Justice changed the status of ransomware attacks to the same priority level as terrorism.

Yesterday during a virtual briefing deputy national security adviser Ann the program, he said, as well as the management of the target group also includes ransomware attacks and violation of the new strategy that is working on blocking the use of illegal activities like биткоина said these efforts, as well as business with other countries to convince them, should cover not criminals.

At the same time, the State Department is also considering launching a new rewards program that would award up to $ 10 million for information that would lead to the identification of suspected cybercriminals. –

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