Stasis’s free ton defi alliance partners om de ontwikkeling Wang free ton DeFi ecosystem Te stimulator

Free tone, community and STASIS, EU compliant eurs stablecoin project and decentralized proof of a more functional and accessible gaming blockchain for all.

The stasis team will apply their protocols to the free TON ecosystem so that their stable coins can initially be released in Free ton.

This partnership will be implemented in two stages.:

Agriculture: adding a EUR-WTON pair to a local free tone DeX –, developed by broxus, kryptobirzh is a multi-level ready-made platform for e-commerce, trading platforms. Solid rewards will be applied to users that will ensure the liquidity of this pool.
Introducing EUR in a free tone: transferring the EUR smart contract in a free tone so that users can naturally receive EUR in a free tone in exchange for their Euros.

The partnership will provide users of both the free TON and STASIS EUR ecosystems with access to scalable, stable and on-network money with low transaction costs and high TPS.

“I’m excited to see incredible projects like Stasis join the friton community. Together, we will take the free ton DeFi ecosystem to new heights! – Says Vladislav Ponomarev, CEO of broxus.

“We are excited to collaborate with free TON, the fastest blockchain that allows everyone to easily access the Defi ecosystem,” says Gregory Klumov, founder of stasis.

About free tone

Free TON is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain that can process millions of transactions per second and aims to encourage widespread adoption of decentralized solutions by millions of users. Free ton’s unique features include the infinite segmentation paradigm, instant routing of hypercubes, bid validation mechanics to control new blocks, deconstructing network settings, and more.


STASIS is a revolutionary step towards combining the huge potential of the cryptocurrency market with the stability and reliability of traditional currencies. STASIS powered by cryptocurrency PI team

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