Starcoll Releases Limited Edition Star Wars Collection Items as NFT

The NFT industry is booming as more and more major brands discover their digital collections. The latest franchise to embrace immutable tokens, Star Was. With StarColl, more than 800 limited edition collections are published as NFT. NFT Industry Continues to Grow It is interesting to note the continued growth in the world of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. What was initially seen as a get-rich-quick scheme for emerging artists is emerging as a global phenomenon. Digital collections on the blockchain are gaining momentum with the help of some major brands. Since the NBA released the Topshot collection with this technology, other brands have done their best to do the same. Speaking of brands and franchises that pay attention to NFTs, Star Wars collections are coming to the blockchain. With the help of StarColl, the goal is to launch more than 800 limited edition collectibles, known worldwide as Star Wars Day, on May 4. A physical item supports any NFT issued by StarColl from a large custom Star Wars collection. As the future owner of StarCollNFT, collectors can show their names and NFT at the Starcoll travel exhibition. Owners who want to remain anonymous also have this option. All NFT owners will get lifetime free access to the World Traveling Exhibition, an exclusive and unique benefit. This is an invaluable bonus for true Star Wars fans. Securing Star Wars NFTs on the Blockchain To provide optimal security for these new Star Wars collections, StarColl uses the QAN blockchain. Emphasizing quantum resistance, blockchain offers a better solution than any other publicly available digital ledger on the market. Quantum resistance will be the foundation of blockchain technology for years to come, with the advent of quantum computing. Johann Polecsak, QAN Platform CTO, adds: NFT security is a neglected issue these days. Nobody talks about cybersecurity issues and weaknesses behind the NFT ecosystem.

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