Splyt partners with Morningstar Ventures

Splyt announced a strategic partnership this morning with Morningstar Ventures, a venture capital firm with vast experience in the blockchain space.  

Morningstar will help Splyt towards mass adoption given its superior track record of partnering with other blockchain related startups.  

With its great connections in fintech, Morningstar Ventures will be able to nurture and push Splyt forward in its early-stage growth, also introducing the new crypto startup to its own extensive network. 

According to Cyrus Taghehchian, CEO of Splyt, the Morningstar Ventures connections will be vital to propel the company forward. 

“The team at Splyt has hit the ground running since successfully launching on the 31st of March. As we work to spread awareness for our brand, it is well connected partners that can sometimes make all the difference in making sure the right people hear about us. Morningstar Ventures is a well respected and highly connected venture capital firm in the blockchain space and we are proud to have forged a strategic partnership with them that will contribute towards us achieving our goal!” 

Splyt (SHOPX) is looking to open up the world of decentralised ecommerce and has a rather audacious vision to take part in “the next generation of e-commerce”, which they believe will be “the next biggest step in digital commerce since the mass-adoption of the internet." 

Splyt is looking to streamline digital sales and provide lifetime product data tracking, a possibility that has not been attainable thus far. They will do this with their eNFT (E-commerce-Non-Fungible-Token) which will tokenise off-chain products onto the Blockchain. 

The first use case is already in line to be launched. Maison Du will aggregate products from participating brands onto the blockchain, thereby creating a next-generation digital marketplace for the luxury e-commerce market. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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