Spanish healthcare group accepts cryptocurrency payments, showing interest in 'Bitcoin revolution'

Cryptocurrency regulation is still an issue for the Spanish government and regulators, with some not-so-appropriate measures against crypto advertising or improving tax regulations. However, adoption is increasing across a variety of industries and healthcare is joining the frenzy as well. Patients will be able to pay with digital assets from 1 June. According to Forbes Negocios, Spanish healthcare group Biziondo, which specializes in spine treatments, bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto assets, will accept payments at its clinical facilities in Spain. After seeing the increasing acceptance of what they call the 'bitcoin revolution' around the world, management turned to blockchain technology and did not completely trust traditional banks or brokers. payment. Biziondo CEO David Izquierdo responded to the announcement: Frankly, the Bitcoin revolution has already begun. In an economic context where 60% of the world currency is printed by European, American and Japanese central banks by 2020, a financial disaster will inevitably be reached in about 2 or 5 years. He added that even though the future is "always scary", people have historically shown that we are "quite capable of adapting to change and that there will be a new revolution similar to what will happen. role in private medicine: with the elimination of “ money b '' in private medicine, promoting a new philosophy in which citizens have the power to regulate themselves independently. After working this technology for hundreds of hours, he personally decided to add c

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