Spain's travel compensation company signs a nationwide swap deal to pay back passengers with cryptos

Soon, Spanish travelers will be able to file claims for incidents involving airline delays, lost baggage, wire transfers and compensation related to cryptocurrencies, among others. Possibility is now real, thanks to the collaboration between a national crypto exchange and an aviation platform. The platform has allocated euros to an account on Crypto Exchange to arrange payments. According to El Mundo Financiero, Criptan, located in Valencia, Spain, has signed an agreement with Wings to Claim, a Spanish legal association that has a platform that specializes in handling travel-related events and can now compensate passengers for cryptos instead of euros. The platform has allocated euros to an account using the Criptan crypto exchange. If a customer eligible for compensation wishes to receive cryptocurrency, the exchange will return the money in coins such as Bitcoin (BTC). One of the reasons behind the inclusion of cryptos in Wings to Claim, the platform argued that it does not want to lag behind the growing trend of crypto adoption in the tourism industries and the hotel industry. Carlos Corbalán, CEO of Wings to Claim, said: Following Covid-19 last year, it has been observed how the current situation has led to the loss of technology fear in the financial system, and in this sense, the trend of acquiring cryptocurrency is constantly increasing. You don't need intermediaries with digital assets. It is a secure payment method. It offers great advantages for national and international users such as currency exchange. And our main goal is customer's adaptation and openness and safety throughout the process. Both companies are working on other crypto-related projects, but both companies have more crypto-related projects in their business because they plan to collaborate to create crypto payment solutions that allow travelers to pay their tickets. travel tickets. Travel industry Read more

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