Space enthusiast uses TikTok to teach others about the moon, Mars, and beyond

Put yourself in the mind of a 20-year-old college sophomore who’s just finished finals. You’re ecstatic, probably exhausted, and still bouncing from all the finals-week caffeine. It’s also the first summer post-pandemic, when everyone’s finally able to leave the house and get up to whatever they want. You probably have some big plans: parties, beach vacations, maybe an international trip? Or what about a deep-sea mission to replicate what it’s like to conduct research in space?

That’s what Alyssa Carson, the 20-year-old who first made headlines as the "youngest astronaut in training" — and the first person to visit every NASA visitor center in existence by the age of 13 — has in her sights for her summer break. She’s coordinating a group of six other women, ranging from a current high school sophomore to scientists with years of research experience, for an expedition that will include scuba diving to simulate space walks and staying as isolated as possible. Carson says they’re dubbing it the Harmonia research expedition. "Harmonia is the daughter of Poseidon," Carson explains. Read more…
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