South African Women Lose Money to Crypto Scams Who Convinced Botswana Pula Coins Are Bitcoin

A group of South African investors recently admitted that they lost money to an insolent scammer after they convinced themselves to buy and hold virtually worthless physical coins. Coins, expressed in Bostwana pula currency, were initially sold to a group of South African women in 2019, when bitcoin was only worth $ 3,500. However, according to a report, this scam was only discovered when a member of the group known as Lizet tried to make money after losing his job. Lizet explained: I lost my job and decided to sell one bitcoin as the price doubled (and that's when I found out that I bought two 5 tokens.Pula for $ 6,988 (100,000 rand) and now cheating on us Nigerian Meanwhile Lizet, before women realized they were scammed He adds that the scammer told them that what they did was what investors call hodl and that “if the price is right, the people will fight.” Buy the coins from us. It was this trust that persuaded Lizet, who patiently awaited to become a millionaire, to borrow the coins. Police also announced it "The information was sent (now) and the letters BTC (now) engraved on it." What do you think of this story? Share your thoughts in the comments below Highlights, Bitcoin, bitcoin scam, Bostwana pula, BTC, Counterfeit Bitcoin , Fake BTC, HODL, Law enforcement, Fraud, South Africa, South A African investors

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