Sotheby’s sells rare $ 12.3 m diamond in cryptocurrency, setting world record

Last Friday, Sotheby’s broke the world record for the most expensive jewelry for the cryptocurrency. The global auction house announced the planned sale of a rare 101.38-carat diamond at the start of the year. Sotheby’s has announced that the auction will use cryptocurrency as its currency to buy. It says stakeholders can place their bets in Bitcoins or Ether.

This announcement received wide coverage as the crypto world awaited this unprecedented event in the history of cryptocurrency. The event took place in Hong Kong on Friday and the auction consisted of the sale of a lot. Before the auction, Sotheby’s estimated that the diamond would sell for $ 10-15 million, and it seems justified.

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The pear-shaped diamond-which was only the second to go public-eventually sold for $ 12.3 million. He’s in the middle of a Sotheby’s price review.

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Sotheby’s has previously been known to accept cryptocurrency payments for works of art. In early May, the 300-year-old auction house sold Banksy’s painting for $ 12.9 million. The Global auction house also participated in the sale of the NFT. But this has never been done before.

Sotheby’s has never accepted cryptocurrency for such a traditional sale, which is what makes it so interesting. And given the price tag on the diamond, Sotheby’s actually set a new world record.

Sotheby’s wanted to point out an important function of digital keys in the nft and crypto world, according to the Vice President of jewelry company Sotheby’s in Asia.

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Although the auction house previously announced it would accept applications in bitcoin or ether, it did not disclose which currency the diamond was eventually purchased in.

101.38-pay for cara

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