Some mining to put 2500 bitcoin miners in Kazakhstan

Bit Mining plans to expand its operations in Central Asia by acquiring 2,500 crypto mining machines planned to be deployed in Kazakhstan. The new devices are expected to increase the Chinese company’s total hashreyt capacity by about 165 petahashes per second.

Bit mining buy new miners cryptocurrency for data centers in Kazakhstan
Shenzhen bit Mining Ltd announced on Wednesday that it had signed a purchase agreement to buy 2500 new machines for bitcoin mining. The price of the deal is about $ 6.6 million, the crypto mining company said in a press release.

After delivery scheduled for next week, the company plans to ship its coin strike rigs to Kazakhstan. After the deployment of mining devices, bit mining is expected to increase the theoretical maximum total hash rate by about 165 petahasha (PH/s) per second.”

Bit mining said it would constantly monitor the equipment Sunday for cryptocurrency mining and consider “cost-effective” acquisitions on an opportunistic basis.”It stressed:

Looking to the future, the company is ready to further expand its business and increase its theoretical maximum total hash power to strengthen its position as a leading entity in cryptocurrency mining.

Chinese mining company continues to migrate to Central Asia
The crypto company also noted that the expansion of its fleet of machines for bitcoin mining parallels the implementation of its overseas development strategy, which focuses mainly on Central Asia. Bit Mining has established 3819 facilities in data centers in Kazakhstan with a total PH / s capacity of 172. Another 121 bitcoin miners with 4033 PH / s have been sent to the country and are currently waiting to bet.

The company also launched ethereum (ETH) mining outside mainland China, according to an announcement released by PRNewswire.

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