Solution te ‘verenigen’to scale Ethereum Polygon lanceert DAO om DeFi platform

Ethereum Polygon’s Level 2 scaling solution is used by a range of decentralized financing services and platforms (Defi) to perform transactions that are cheaper and faster than ethereum Mainnet can handle.

Defi is, in fact, a universal term used to decipher peer-to-peer lending, borrowing and trading activities that occur on blockchain networks such as ethereum. It has grown from a small corner of cryptography worth a few hundred million dollars in 2019 to an industry worth $ 80 billion today.

But Polygon believes there is room for improvement.

Of course, Polygon wants to be the core of this action and is shaping DAO to help achieve it. DAO is a decentralized, autonomous organization that distributes administrative responsibilities to a distributed network, rather than in the hands of a central authority. In most cases, DAO coin holders vote on management proposals.

Today, Polygon announced plans to create a DAO that it believes can “combine” different Defi platforms and services with a common architecture and attract Polygon’s “next 100 million” users. In other words, what Polygon thinks is good for Defi should be good for polygon as well, and the project aims to pump money into Dao to achieve those goals.

Polygon will use the $ 100 million Defi Fund announced last April to fund the establishment and maintenance of the organization and to fund projects that users believe can help the Defi industry move forward. The project plans to transfer the new DAO management tokens to existing users of the landfill with the formalization and creation of the organization.

“Polygon’s overarching goal is to decentralize the adoption of specific internal decisions and invite the community to participate in the ongoing development of The Polygon DeFi sector,” the company said in a statement. “The project also aims to promote closer cooperation and interoperability in public projects.”

The Polygon has already assembled a number of partners Dec.

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