Solana price up 43.4 %to $ 62.63-where to buy Solana

Solana is one of the top earners in the cryptocurrency market. Despite BTC’s stagnation of around $ 47k, Solana made a double-digit profit and reached a new record high. Its market capitalization has risen to $ 17 billion and it is currently ranked tenth on the crypto charts, moving on to Uniswap, Chainlink and Bitcoin Cash.
Solana was trading at $ 63.63 at the time of writing after a 43.4% gain in 24 hours.
Solan price analysis
The Cryptocurrency market looks consolidated given that BTC and ETH have failed to create new weekly highs. Still, Solana defied the odds and is the leading player in the Sunday. Sol has hit an all-time high of $ 63.33 in the past 24 hours and, despite a small pullback, the Bulls look strong enough and another high could be created.
Buy crypto now, buyers jump to buy salt, and the next $ 64 Tests resistance again. As market support increased at that point, we could see the Sol moving towards $ 70 and higher.
Sol has grown nearly 130% over the past month, making him one of the best players in the recent rebounding Sunday. While that’s good news, it could also lead to a sharp correction, such as a Sunday drop, where the Sol could retest the $ 52 low. Mr Solana has moved at this level because of a sharp increase in the past 24 hours.
Receiver support is not the only factor encouraging the Solana Bulls. The launch of the wormhole, a bridge between the Solana network and other decentralized funding (Deci), is now open to transfers. The tool will ensure compatibility with SOL, where cryptocurrencies, decalable tokens and other data can be transferred between blockages. The wormhole will be available for Ethereum, Binance smart chain and Terra.
Another factor affecting Solana Bulls over the past 24 hours is the mango markets funding round. Mango Markets has launched a decentralized exchange in Solan. DEX raised $ 70.5 million in 24 hours from token sales. This is the largest seed funding round at Defi

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