Solana price analysis: Bulls must keep price above this December to ensure next stage

Salt price recovering 35% from week low
Solana Bulls try to break 70-day downward trend
30 days MA must be completely broken to get out of clean water Jul

Overview of Solan prices
Solana remained on a downward trend for about 70 days as the cryptocurrency market failed to regain its upward trend. There has been strong momentum over the past few days on BTC and other high-end coins, suggesting that medium-sized coins such as the Solana are lining up. The technology offered by Sol is very unique and has many advantages over other coins of its class. This kind of utility will make a big difference when the overall market returns to the pace it was at the start of the year.

Looking at the chart, we see that the Left has been stuck in a downward trend for the past few months. This pattern is very close to the falling triangle, which is a typical downward trend, but often breaks at the top. At the time of writing, the left is above the significant long-term trend line.

As long as the Bulls can keep the price above that trend, along with the main support zone of $ 26.40- $ 27.80, salt should stay North.

Solana Price Analysis: 1-day chart SOL / USDT

The main resistance to the left breakout and hold is the $ 29.62 mark, which will send the price directly to the 30-day average. This mother has worked for the past few months as an obstacle that the Bulls have not crossed. Once that happens, we can expect the price to rise outside the $ 30 zone. If those decouples don’t happen, the left will find support anywhere between $ 26.40 and $27.80. If this field does not continue, the next big boost is at $ 22.02.

Looking at the RSI indicator, we can conclude that power is currently above the 90-day trend line. As the day candle closes above, the left gives a very important signal about Trend change. The MACD followed a downward trend line that maintained high levels of the upward trend. 

A break above the 0 line would result in a massive rally towards the top. 

Left intraday levels 

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