Solana (left), where we meet Grootste tapiette, attracts Dagen to the horse

Solana (left) became the first altcoin to enter ATH after the May crash of this year. The Defi protocol, which reached $ 80 on August 18, was the victim of the biggest price drop since its inception. Luna Yield, the IDO platform on the Solana launch pad, closed this morning after it shut down its website and all other social media platforms, raising concerns about the possible removal of the carpet.

Moon you, the last IDO on our launch pad, seems to have had some problems. Luna’s team shut down its website and all other social media. They also attract all the liquidity. Solpad is still unable to reach the Luna yield team to find out what happened.

– Solpad (@FinanceSolpad), August 19, 2021

Users tried to unlock their funds after the platform exited social media platforms, but failed as the IDO protocol already transferred money from betting pools. Early estimates suggested that the project received about $ 10 million in crypto assets from those pools.

Further research has shown that the owner approves the transfer of funds from the betting pool, thus reinforcing the carpet-pulling theory.

Solana users faced difficulties in transferring money due to the carpet loss crisis. A developer at the Solana network gave a full detailed review of the hack, confirming that the bet pool’s creators were behind the fund move.

Click OK… so I was going to try to finish the serum Library tests and publish them tonight, but Moon decided to go back and steal something about $ 8 million (I can’t verify the ATM).

I hope it’s a common thread for all of you to pay attention to the things you run into #Solan.

– joakegani (@hoaktrades), August 20, 2021

Solana ecosystem criticised for lack of transparency
Solana’s ecosystem is often criticized for its opacity, and the final bounce will only increase the pressure. The official Twitter account for the Solana launcher made sure users worked with developers to help with their losses

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