Solana Ecosystem Tokens Fall 12 % In Een Week

Almost all tokens based on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, including Serum (SRM), step Finance (STEP), Bonfida (Fida) and others, today suffer losses along with the rest of kriptorynka.

Solana is a blockchain designed for scalable decentralized applications (dapps). According to the developers, the blockchain can reach a maximum capacity of more than 50,000 transactions per second, and the block detection time is only 400 ms.

Taken together, the assets of the Solana ecosystem have declined by an average of 3.76% over the past 24 hours, down about 12% over the past week, according to crypto metric platform CoinGecko.

At the time of writing, Sol itself was trading at about $ 29, a drop of about 3.3% on the day. Sol’s market capitalization is now about $ 8 billion and its daily trading volume is about $ 379 million.

SRM, a Solana-based decentralized replacement serum, lost 6.1% of the price in the past 24 hours to $ 2.96. Meanwhile, raydium’s auto market maker’s own token, called RAY, costs about $ 3, which is decidedly 4.5% less per day. SRM and RAY currently have a market capitalization of $ 148 million and $ 169 million, respectively.

So far, the portfolio management panel and transaction aggregator step Finance (STEP) have suffered the biggest losses among Solana-based crypto systems.Dec. The price of the coin fell 7.6% today, trading around $ 0.179.

What is Solana? Scalable decentralized network for Dapps

Bonfida’s own token (FIDA), a project that decries itself as “the flagship graphical interface” that fills the gap between serum, Solana and user, has fallen 3.8% in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $ 1.52.

Meanwhile, Defi Oxygen brokerage service (OXY) and asset management platform Solrise Finance (SLR) are decidedly different from the rest of the Solana herd. OXY looks generally indifferent to sudden market downgrade as token falls

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