Solana Around $ 70, Why It Could Be Warmer In The Coming Months

Solana (left), who has grown by about 20% in the last 24 hours, has shown incredible growth across the board. With higher contributions, the cryptocurrency captures 70% and 141% profits in 7 daily and monthly charts.

Salt rises in the daily chart. Source: Solusdt Tradingview

Seen as one of Ethereum’s potential killer ecosystems, Solana continues to grow and attract the attention of the crypto field. Defi investor Daniel Chung recently published a report on key principles that support a further rise in the price of the left.

Chung believes that this cryptocurrency offers one of the “best”reward/risk scenarios for any crypto investment and predicts the future of the”Solana post”. This project has a simple feed thanks to its high scalability and low cost smart contract platform.

It also provides high scalability in the ecosystem without solutions such as segmentation. Chung believes these features could enable the “synchronized layout”of an app in Solana.

This is important because in a single common state and synchronous order, any application in Solana can atomically interact with each other.

As Ethereum moves forward with the transition of its proof-of-work consensus algorithm onto a proof-of-offer, the Defi ecosystem may lose this capability. Because of this, some applications may become less compatible with each other or stop working altogether.

Fall Case For Solana That Could Hamper Rising Earnings

The Solana Foundation has launched stock pools with the aim of improving the security of its network, increasing its resistance to censorship and providing October left owners with additional incentives to join the ecosystem, NewsBTC reported.

The latter, in October, is one of the harshest criticisms of the project’s opponents, in addition to the degree of centralization of the network. Chung believes this is part of Solana’s decline thesis and argues that the network should be “never sufficiently decentralized in the future.”

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