Smart chain Binance creëert een for its use of the scherpen protocol as well as $ 10 million bug Awards

Binance smart network has launched a $ 10 million bug reward fund for protocol-based projects called priority one. The initiative aims to secure the blockchain network by encouraging bug hunters and ethical hackers.

Binance smart network reveals $ 10m priority relief fund for bugs
Security experts and bug hunters now have an incentive to help Binance Smart Chain (BSc) developers secure the network. On Monday, the BSc project introduced “priority one,” a $ 10 million fund for projects based on the BSc protocol.

The announcement says the initiative aims to “improve the lifecycle management of BSc users and reduce project utilization.””Appropriate projects will be able to use proactive penetration tests and risk management schemes. Bsc Community Co-ordinator Julian tan explained that such estimates reduce the likelihood of future exploits.

“Projects shortlisted for the award for errors will be open to continuous testing,” Tang said news. “Regularly detect and specific security vulnerabilities [decentralized applications] more expert in evaluating, there’s more to discover; the BSc community, and around the corner to follow each corner of the target will work, and leaves room for potential abuse.”

Immunefi CEO: “reward for mistakes encourages disclosure in mainnet contracts”
Bounty hunters looking for vectors and security flaws in the BSc protocol are rewarded for disclosure. Candidates can apply here and specify, but are not limited to, the types of vulnerabilities:

Smart contracts / Blockchain / crypto disadvantages
Logical errors
Financial / economic attacks
Block sensitivity to timestamp manipulation
New management attacks
Overload and scalability
Oracle crashes / manipulation

Entries must contain a proof-of-concept and description of the vulnerability in the walkthrough. The reward will depend on the seriousness of the exploitation discovered

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