Six Reasons Why You’re Running Your Own Bitcoin Node

So it is necessary to join the bitcoin Core node network for six simple reasons.
Let me quickly explain that the Bitcoin node is any computer running software (Bitcoin Core) that performs some important tasks:
Your Bitcoin node must keep a copy of the entire bitcoin blockchain. It must be connected to other nodes that create a communication network that distributes transactions (transactions are stored in “mempool”, i.e. transaction queues waiting to be added to the next block, and thus added to the blockchain). It must check whether all additions to the blockchain are valid and reject invalid ones. It provides detailed information about blockchain to other types of software that ask questions, such as wallets, balance sheet reports. And it will give a copy of the blockchain to the new node that wants to join. The new node then independently checks whether each operation in the imported instance is valid. He doesn’t really “trust”the connected node.
Download the Bitcoin Core software to start the node, then ask the other nodes to copy the blockchain, and your Node will control each block itself. You then leave it open and new blocks come in every 10 minutes (blocks include transactions from mempool). Your Node will check whether the block is valid and, if so, add it to a copy of the block.
An unreliable block is rejected because everyone rejects it, or not because everyone copies their neighbor, but because the block is invalid under Bitcoin Core Software rules, and anyone running the same software also rejects this unreliable block.
Your bitcoin wallet does not contain a copy of the blockchain and is usually separated from the bitcoin kernel (although the bitcoin kernel has a wallet function). Only your keys are stored in your wallet. He should ask about the Bitcoin node: “hey, Mr. node, this is my address, is there only bitcoin in it?”Technically, it’s not exactly a battery

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