Singapur düzenleyici Zegt Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance nog Niet Gelicentieerd

A spokesperson for the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) informs decrypt that Binance Asia Services, a Singapore-registered Binance company, does not have a license under this agreement. 

Binance Asia Services has been temporarily exempt from the requirement to hold a licence under the Singapore Payment Services Act during a temporary transitional period, as the activities will be regulated before they come into force in January 2020. 

The transition period allows the Singapore regulatory authority to retrospectively review a company’s licence application and lasts until the organisation’s application is “approved, rejected or cancelled.” There is no guarantee Binance will succeed and Singapore has already taken a look at Binance after a series of regulatory disputes around the world. 

A spokesperson for Mas told decrypt:” we are aware of the actions taken by other regulators in relation to Binance and will meet with the applicant if necessary.”  

But that’s not the only reason Binance is worried. So far, a “significant number” of” digital payment token service providers, ” or DPT companies, have failed to obtain a licence, as the Singapore regulator calls it. 

Singapore approach to Binance
Money management of Singapore refers to Binance in the same way as any other company wishing to provide cryptocurrency services under the Payment Services Act. 

It means Binance Asia services will have to show they are “taking strong measures to combat money laundering and financing terrorism.”A decrypt spokesman said: “the regulator will also consider the suitability and priority of shareholders and key designated owners.” 

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A MAS spokesman said these were standards no other company, such as binance, had ever met. “Based on our current reviews, we have determined that there are no significant numbers of applicants for DPT services

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