Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht speaks publicly for the first time since 2013

At the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, attendees listened to the first phone call with Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road from the depths of the maximum security prison in Tucson, Arizona. During the interview, Ulbricht talked about how bitcoin and the decentralized crypto asset are "transforming the global economy." According to Free Ross' official Twitter account, Ulbricht was placed in the hole after the call. Ross Ulbricht Talks About Bitcoin In His First Interview From Prison Ross Ulbricht's voice was heard by those attending the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami this year. The last interview was recorded by Bitcoin Magazine and was the first recorded phone call with Ulbricht after his arrest. Talking about the loss of his freedom, Ulbricht noted that since his imprisonment, he has "watched Bitcoin grow from here over the past eight years." During the phone call, Ulbricht noted that the Bitcoin network was around in the days when it was just emerging, and there weren't many altcoins and forks around at the time. All that aside, Ulbricht said he sees the crypto ecosystem as one big "family." Through his lens in prison, Ulbricht said that since leaving, he has seen the cryptocurrency space spark many innovations. Ulbricht said: I saw an incredible innovation. I saw inspiring courage. At first we didn't know how things would turn out for Bitcoin, but over the years I've been consistently impressed by what you've accomplished: transforming the global economy. We brought the taste of freedom and equality to the far corners of the world. I know we can transform criminal law too. Ulbricht: 'Bitcoin is strong. Bitcoin is strong. We're not done' Ross Ulbricht's case was called the 'wrong of justice' and more than 250 organizations, prominent figures and world leaders supported Ulbricht. Creator of the Silk Road market, the largest Cha

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