Shiba Inu priis bereict $ 0.00000791 3.5% gain-vaar te kopen SHIB

Shiba Inu, better known as a potential Doge killer, starts a week at the Bulls. The token is one of the most popular among the recently launched token decks. However, it has grown as a result of Sunday’s and social media’s influence to become a leading investment in the crypto market.
Shiba Inu is trading at $ 0.00000791 at the time of writing after a 3.5% gain in 24 hours.
Source of Shib price analysis: looking at the Shib price trend in recent days, TradingView has managed to keep a straight line on the trading chart, which shows that currency price fluctuations are not high and market volatility is low.
Now buy cryptocurrency, Shiba-Inu maintained its levels within $ 0.000007. Despite some gains in recent weeks, bull tokens are not strong enough to push the coin to the $ 0.00001 mark. This is the next resistance for the currency and it needs broader Sunday support to get that upward trend and reach those levels.
If the rise is halted, the shib could go up to $ 0.000006 if there are strong bears in the market. However, a retreat to this level could also create an entry position for new traders looking to increase their investment in the Shib. If that happens, Shiba could rise again to $ 0.000007.
The newly launched ShibaSwap has attracted a lot of attention to Shib, which may explain its recent coin earnings. Just two days after launch, shibaswap exceeded expectations when its total value (TVL) reached $ 1.5 billion. Thanks to this growth in the platform, shibaswap’s liquidity has increased significantly and it now has higher liquidity than Uniswap, PancakeSwap and Sushiswap.
The cost of Shiba Inu is also expected to rise by the end of this month, thanks to Shiba Inu’s virtual Party. The party will be free for everyone; therefore, it can increase the icon’s global popularity.
I am so happy to announce that in 2 weeks we will have a virtual Shiba Inu party with a great DJ set from @garethemery! Not only that, but … set c

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