Sharing Items Will Soon Get Easier in Chrome for Desktop

Google is going to make it easier to share content from Chrome on the desktop. The company will soon introduce Sharing Hub that will let you share your Chrome’s content using various methods.

You can already do this in Chrome’s mobile versions on Android and iOS.

Sharing Hub in Google Chrome

In case you aren’t aware, Sharing Hub is basically the share sheet that you see in Chrome on your smartphones. You open this by tapping Share in Chrome’s main menu.

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This Sharing Hub contains various options to share your current web page. You can share the web page using installed apps, a QR code, and even send the page to another device.

All of these options make it easier to share your content with whatever apps or features you want.

Sharing Hub Arrives on Chrome for Desktop

According to a report by MSPoweruser, Google is planning to bring the Sharing Hub feature to Chrome’s desktop versions. When this happens, you’ll have a consistent sharing experience across all your Chrome-supported devices.

The flags for this feature have already been added to Chrome’s Canary build. However, you can’t use this feature right away as Google is yet to add the feature’s code to the browser.

How to Enable Sharing Hub Flags in Chrome

One way to ensure you get access to Sharing Hub as soon as it’s rolled out is to enable the feature’s flags in your browser. If you keep these flags turned on, the feature will appear as soon as it’s out.

Make sure you have Chrome Canary installed on your computer, and then follow these steps to turn on Sharing Hub’s flags in your browser:

Open a new tab in Chrome Canary, type the following, and hit Enter.

Search for Sharing Hub and you’ll see two flags on your screen.

Click the dropdown menu next to Desktop Sharing Hub in App Menu and select Enabled.

Select Enabled in the dropdown menu for Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox as well.

Click Relaunch at the bottom of the browser.

You won’t see any changes in your browser even after enabling the flags. This is because, as mentioned earlier, the code for the feature is yet to be added to the browser. It wouldn’t be too long for Google to add the code, though.

More Sharing Options in Chrome for Desktop

With Sharing Hub making its way to Chrome on the desktop, you’ll be able to share content from your desktop as easily as you can currently do with Chrome on your smartphones.

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